Business Mobile

With Myoo you get truly bespoke business mobile tariffs tailored to your business…

Myoo prides itself on being a representative for the three main mobile networks: O2, Vodafone, and EE. Our track record for both excellent customer service and care has helped us attain official O2 partner status. We place no restrictions on the size of a business or the size of an order. Whatever your needs, Myoo will find the best solution for you and your business mobile solution. Here are some of the great features we can offer:


Bespoke Tariffs

With a number of years experience in the telecoms industry, we are able to negotiate outstanding agreements with our mobile partners to offer our customers bespoke solutions that will fit your business mobile needs. Whatever your requirements, we can help and look to provide bespoke and unique options which are tailored to your request.

Business Tariffs

Our business mobile tariffs and bolt-ons offer our customers more flexibility and choice. These include calls to company mobiles and to the same mobile network. All our tariffs include 4G, helping you to work faster and on the move.

Free Line Rental

Being an O2 approved partner we can offer up to 6 months free line rental on certain tariffs for new & existing customers. Call or email for more information.

Find out more on our Free Line Rental here

Group Conferencing

Group conferences are quick and easy meetings by phone. They’re simple to set up and help you make the most of your time, without losing part, or all, of your day travelling. You can meet with whomever you need to, wherever they are, without going anywhere.

Telemarketing Numbers

Having a simple, memorable number with little or no cost encourages potential clients to call more often. O2 simple divert is quick to set up and change, online. We can give you a new telemarketing number, or take over one you may already have.


Mobile Broadband

Email here, browse there with mobile broadband, no need to go searching for Wi-Fi. We offer a choice of 3G and 4G dongles, allowing you to stay on top of business in the office or on the move. And with the introduction of Mi-Fi devices you can create you own personal hotspots.

Pop Up Office

This is a great solution if you have a variety of devices (laptops, tablets, and smartphones) and want to hook up to a 4G connection when you’re out and about. Pop Up Office lets you create your own mobile office in minutes. You can connect up to ten other devices to the Internet and to your email, and it allows you to access all your usual business applications.


The 4G network helps your business do more of the things you want to do, and in less time. Now all your smartphones, tablets, and even laptops can be connected to a faster Internet connection. Less buffering. Less waiting. Less downtime.

O2 Wi-Fi

Today, more and more people want fast, safe and reliable Internet access on their various devices when they’re on the move. O2 work with all types of businesses to provide their customers with free Wi-Fi regardless of their mobile or broadband subscription.

Find your nearest Wi-Fi hotspot here

Roaming & International

All Ireland Roaming

We have a number of different options when using your voice and data in Ireland on O2, Vodafone & EE. So, if you regularly call or visit the Republic of Ireland, you don’t need to worry about roaming charges. Call or click below for more information.

Find out more on All Ireland Roaming here

Europe & Worldwide Roaming

With more and more companies doing business outside the UK the roaming cost becomes more & more important. With our roaming options you have the freedom to take your UK minutes, texts, and data with you anywhere. Call or email for more information.

Find out more on Europe & Worldwide Roaming here

International Calls

International Favourites is a low-cost option to help you make savings when calling suppliers, customers, and others based abroad. It can also give you international presence without actually setting up an overseas office. This is one of a few different options available for business mobile customers.

Data Cap

With more people travelling abroad, whether it’s on business or leisure, the mobile networks have introduced a data cap to avoid shock bills. With the likes of O2, if you don’t have O2 Travel or one of the worldwide data bolt on’s, you can still control your costs while overseas. Wherever you go outside Europe, you’ll be able to access the worldwide 24hr bolt on; they will still automatically cap your costs for using data.

Roaming Solutions

We have availability of a wide range of business mobile tariffs and bolt on’s for both voice and data on O2, Vodafone, & EE. Now there is no need to switch off your roaming while abroad on business or leisure.


Why O2

9 out of 10 businesses stay with O2. They have invested into the network to improve coverage, and have created a UK based customer service, and a collaboration with Vodafone, to encourage a service that is more beneficial to their customers. These are only a few of their advantages. There is also a 24hr faulty handset replacement on O2 handsets, along with unique features like priority local, O2 Open, and O2 Convert, all of which help manage 23 million customers.

Why Vodafone

Over £1bn was invested into the network and services in 2014/2015. The result: modernised masts to double 3G and boost 4G capacity and collaboration with O2.

Why EE

EE business class service ensures that every business they support gets the highest level of customer service. They also offer the option to build bespoke plans with a wide range of bolt-ons.


The government is providing up to £150m for the Mobile Infrastructure Project (MIP) to improve mobile coverage in areas where there is currently no coverage from any of the Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s). The MIP is aimed to fill in these holes in the UK’s mobile coverage by 2016.

Project Beacon

O2 & Vodafone established a joint team called Cornerstone in 2009 to share their combined UK masts. When finished, there will be about 18,500 masts across one grid allowing O2 & Vodafone customers to receive signals from each of the masts across the UK. The partnership will also see indoor network coverage improve.

Coverage Checker

To help you get started and to check which network is best suited to you and your business, we have provided the following coverage checkers. No matter how good you may think your signal is, coverage can always be improved. Why not try a product from our range of signal boosters to strengthen your indoor signal.

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