O2 Travel & EU Changes

O2 Travel & EU Changes

On the 12th April, O2 will be making some significant improvements to O2 Travel to enable customers to stay in control of their roaming costs when using their devices in Europe.

What’s changing

  • Previously customers paid £1.66 for a days’ worth of data (GMT) in Europe. Calls had a connection charge of 41p to talk for up to 60 minutes and texts were charged at the standard rate of 4p.

  • From the 12th April customers will pay £1.66 a day (GMT) to use data, minutes and texts in Europe. This means if you travel in Europe, they can make business calls, use google maps and send texts all for £1.66 a day. And this is in addition to their UK allowance.

  • O2 Travel will also be available to Mobex, B4B PAYU and Data Only tariffs. This opens up the availability of the product to all O2 business customers.

Who will get the new version of O2 Travel?

  • Existing customers opted into O2 Travel will be able to benefit from the improvements and this will automatically be applied.

  • New customers who opt in for O2 Travel.

O2 will be contacting customers who have opted into O2 Travel by SMS

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How do the EU Regulations change affect O2 Travel?

  • On the 28th April 2016, O2 will be reducing their standard rate pricing in Europe for calls, texts and data. Click here to request more details. This is the first step of the EU Regulation that is looking to create ‘Roam Like at Home’ where you the customer can use their domestic tariff in the EU at no extra cost by June 2017. Although how this looks exactly is yet to be confirmed.

  • Clearly the regulated rates are still pay as you use and therefore offer the customer very little control, with the potential to run up a bill of £36 on data and any amount on calls and texts. For this reason the regulator has allowed all operators to continue to promote their European propositions, O2’s being O2 Travel.

  • If you the customer, wants control of your costs in Europe whilst enabling employees to continue conference calling and doing emails on the move, then O2 Travel is the answer. No longer do you need to calculate how many minutes on the phone or how many MBs of data used to see if a bill has increased.

Is there anything that you need to do?

  • If you and your employee’s roam in Europe, make sure that you talk to us about O2 Travel. It offers control, flexibility and once set up is good to go for all future trips. It’s simple.

  • O2 Travel is compatible with the Worldwide 24 hour data Bolt On, so it’s advised all regular roamers use these two roaming propositions when they travel. Heavy users, such as Directors and Sales Managers, should be using the Worldwide data Bolt On (no need for O2 Travel), for all their data needs Worldwide.

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